Dash® HC


Active Ingredient: Methyl oleate 37.5% PN / Methyl palmitate.

Dash HC increases the effectiveness of the products by changing the physical characteristics of the broth. Reduces the pH, surface tension (the number of drops and the contact surface), protects the active substance from degradation by ultraviolet rays increases the absorption through the cuticle of the leaves, increases adhesion and reduces evaporation . Therefore, their effectiveness increases ostensible.

It is better not to use in weak crops. The product is not phytotoxic, if used according to the label instructions and according to the limits of the herbicides products that is mixed with.

Maxicrop Take Root


Maxicrop Take Root is an organic product and it is a special mixture of different extracts from selected seaweed. The Maxicrop Take Root used in vegetatively propagated plants and in the installation of new plants in the garden. The particular mix of natural plant hormones significantly increases the root mass.

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