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The FENDONA 6 sc ® is a highly effective Fungicide sanitary importance long lasting action. It is suitable for application in outdoor and indoor surfaces, residential sites like hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, stables, food industries, public buildings, ships, planes etc.

With FENDONA 6 sc ® achieves quick victory and extended control over a wide range of insects harmful to public health as:



• Flies, Cockroaches, Ants, Bees/Wasps, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Fleas, Millennium.





Return the easiest insecticidal effect of FENDONA 6 sc ®, combined with strong adhesion to all kinds of surfaces, making it highly effective and with prolonged duration of action. 




The FENDONA 6 sc® should be sprayed only on surfaces and in the air, from short and with low pressure (2 atm), until drench evenly and without running drops.


Recommended dose: 10cc/Lt





Rodent bait  in the form of wax particles of 4 and 20 grams.

Active ingredients: Flocoumafen  0,005%

                              Auxiliaries  99,994%


Storm® is the most potent  rodenticide, effective against any kind of  rodent, even those who have developed resistance in other rodenticides. A lethal dose of a single feed is enough for the best possible control.


Storm® it is used for the control of mice and rats In and around industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic buildings.

-Mice: Place 2 baits of 4 gr each in each bait location.

-Rats:  Place 4-6 baits of 4 gr each or one 20gr bait in each bait location.



Active ingredients: Fipronil 0,05 %

                              Auxiliaries: 99,95%


Ready to use gel bait for the control of Cockroaches.

GOLIATH® GEL can be used inside private households, food-preparation companies, restaurants, shops, warehouses, etc.

GOLIATH® GEL is active against all major cockroach pest species including:


-Blatella germanica (German cockroach),

-Periplaneta americana (American cockroach)

-Supella longipalpa (Brown-banded cockroach)


 with an extend control in all the stages of their biological cycle



Recommended dose: 

-German cocrach: 0,03gr/ m2

-American and Brown – banded cockroach: 0,06 gr/ m2


Termidor® SC


Active ingredients: Fipronil 9%

                           Auxiliaries 91%


Insecticide for professional use against termites.


Method of application 


Preventive use: apply  Termidor® sc to the ground, after dissolution in water in the amount of 0.1% (10ml / 10L water). Apply 5 liters mixture per 1 m2.

Therapeutic Use: Dissolve Termidor® in water in an amount of 0.2% (20 mL / 10 L water) and used to combat termites in soil and walls. Apply 5 liters mixture per 1 m2. On the walls apply the mixture until run off.


Mythic® 10 SC


Active ingredients: Chlorphenapyr 10%

                              Auxiliaries 89.36 %


Mythic 10 sc is high performance residual insecticide with long lasting action. It is suitable for application to external and internal surfaces of residential spaces like restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, stables, food industries, public buildings, ships, airplanes, etc.


Effective against:

  • Bedbugs

  • Ants

  • Cockroaches

  • And other crawling insects


Recommended dose:16-20cc/Lt


Application: The Mythic® SC 10 can be easily placed as standard spray application together with with Goliath® Gel applications or Fourmidor®

Myorex® Cut Wheat


Ready bait in wheat seeds

Active Ingredient: Difenacoum 0.0005% w / w

                            Auxiliaries: 99.995% w / w

Powerful anticoagulant rodenticide, used to control mice (Mus musculus) and rat (Rattus rattus, R.norvegicus). Suffice a single meal from rodents to obtain the bait lethal dose.



- To combat Mouse (Mus musculus) indoors and around buildings up to 30g per bait site dolosis every 1-2 meters.

- To combat Rat (Rattus rattus, R.norvegicus)

a. indoors and around buildings, to 200g. bait per dolosis position every 10 meters.

b.  sewers until 200g. bait per position dolosis.

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